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Lassal. Made in the Mediterranean

At Lassal we cook our dishes with fresh market products, achieving results that are natural, free of preservatives and easy to prepare.


To be able to cook exceptional rice dishes in 8 minutes, using a minimum of space for preparation and with top quality ingredients without preservatives.

Valencian Paella

The quintessential rice dish, a classic, with the best produce from the Valencian market garden: white beans, green beans, chicken, rabbit and a touch of rosemary.

Mixed Paella

Mixed paella is a rice that combines the flavours of the sea and the mountains, fish and seafood with meat, to achieve a unique flavour.

Seafood Paella

A dish made with the best shellfish, peeled shrimp and squid, the very essence of Mediterranean flavour.

Vegetable paella

A seasonal rice dish with local produce from the Valencian market garden; the perfect option for vegans and vegetarians.

Black rice

Made with the signature colour of squid ink and from fresh seafood that will bring the seaside to your plate.

Iberian rib and sausage paella

Rice cooked in homemade broth with chickpeas and served with ribs, giving as a result an incredible flavour.

Mushroom and truffle risotto

A very creamy rice dish with mushrooms, truffle and Parmesan. An Italian classic to be savoured and enjoyed.


Inspired by our grandmothers’cooking, but with the perk that they can be on the table in just 10 minutes.

Grilled chicken cannelloni

With a base of homemade bechamel sauce, shredded roast chicken and Parmesan cheese, the grilled chicken cannelloni will remind you of your grandmother's traditional recipe.


Experience the crunchiness of its base and the creaminess of the best cheese.


The creaminess of the best cheese on a crunchy cracker base.

We want to help you

An experience that transports us to the Valencian orchard with the most traditional rice.